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There's Power in Exposure...

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

I live by this motto! I believe that when people are exposed to useful knowledge, they gain a new understanding and have the power to take that knowledge and change their lives. The biggest thing, for me, is to present others with the knowledge I’ve gained from being exposed to wealth mindsets.

Growing up, I watched my mother manifest her goals and go after them relentlessly. People would think she was absolutely crazy...then, boom, she would accomplish the task. She said if she saw it in her mind, there wasn't anything that anyone could do about it. She knew it could be done.

Along with this type of manifest thinking, she instilled an importance of credit. She would ALWAYS say how credit could be more valuable than money and never let anyone mess up that credit, no matter what! She gave me the basis I needed to research and understand the ins and outs of credit and using it strategically. All of her actions just made sense to me and what she exposed me to became a habit.

I also watched the people my mother kept around her, from her broker to her friends. I watched everyone's patterns, often taking the meat of their knowledge and leaving the bones. If they were wealthy, I watched them harder to figure out how they did it, often not saying a word. I never asked anyone anything, but I always watched their actions closely. That's when I started subconsciously believing in the power of exposure and it played a huge role in my financial mentality.

I believe you can learn from anyone. I studied people who were wealthy and the people who were poor. I often found that both categories had a why...and I wanted to know that why. As a result, I knew what to do...or not to do. Above your broke or rich mindset, I watched character the closest. If you had a lot of money, but your character was horrible, I wrote it off as what not to do. I don't think it matters how much money you make, if you are a shitty person. Therefore, my ideal person to watch was the person who had great character and a wealth mindset.

My character and integrity mean EVERYTHING to me and it was my character that drew me to good, wealth-minded individuals. I also like ambitious people, they inspire me to go harder. I stand by the idea that when good character, integrity, ambition, and a wealthy mindset are in alignment, most things fall correctly in that line- especially in business.

These are the things I plan to pass on to my clients, family, and friends. I want to be an educator and advocator for my community, but most importantly, I want to be THAT example for my child(ren). I want them to know AND see that mommy worked hard and got everything she desired to have...with integrity in place.

I simply believe that there's power in exposure. If they can just see that I (and others of course) can do it, they will know that it's possible for them to change their mindset and build success for themselves. With social media so easily available, the task will be easy to accomplish because the need for this knowledge is so great, but it all starts with the mind frame and people willingness and ability to gather and utilize the info.

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