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About LaQuita T. Scott

LaQuita T. Scott is an investor, serial entrepreneur, and financial coach. She has a strong passion to help educate others while, maneuvering within the market to create income opportunities for herself and others. Since childhood, she has always been curious about EVERYTHING. She participated in cheerleading, basketball, band, civil/community organizations, while working and achieving academic success.  Her intellect, creativity, drive, unique perspective, coupled with a passion for helping others laid the foundation for her becoming a multifaceted entrepreneur.


LaQuita received her undergraduate degree from Louisiana State University. She received her MA in Social Work from Tulane and her MBA from Ole Miss, respectively. She has professional experience as a Business Development Manager and Financial Advisor at large investment firms. Despite her success in Corporate America, LaQuita knew she wanted to pursue her purpose. She is passionate about helping those who need it most. Her passion for people led her to build her consulting firm and in that same year, created job opportunities for others by establishing her trucking company. Since then, LaQuita has helped hundreds of individuals start and scale their businesses, while successfully managing and scaling five businesses of her own, including her education program, LTS Academy.


LTS Academy was created to educate and expose entrepreneurs and individuals wanting to acquire wealth strategies to "the game" packaged in a way anyone could understand. Her goal is to teach others what she has gained from being exposed to millionaires, then leveraging those relationships to create partnerships. She hopes to expose her clients to a wealth of knowledge she’s gained from years of experience.


“I am a true believer in the idea that there's power in exposure. We don’t know what we don’t know, until someone shows us something new and different, so here I am, exposing you to wealth strategies through my lens.”

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