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Let's Change Our Relationship with Money & Time

Them: Money isn’t everything!

Me: Nah, it’s not…but time is!

I love the time and flexibility that passive income allows me. There are so many people working their butts off to provide for their family – God forbid someone loses a job or forced to take on another job or take on more hours. Do not get it twisted; I have the UPMOST respect for them. Everyone should want to and be able to provide for their family, but I think it is time to change our relationship with money and time.

A question comes to mind regarding passive income, and that question is, “When is enough, enough?” To me, it isn’t enough to have one income. It isn’t enough when the cost of living increases from year to year. You have to ask yourself, “When should I increase my income or add additional income?”

In essence, having an additional income that does not require you to show up is always a good time. However, my answer is to look for an increase in revenue when you have goals that require you to, you are struggling, or desire more. Desiring more means wanting a bigger, better lifestyle than the one you are living. Having a better lifestyle means placing yourself in a position to get it, and that, for me, it through passive income.

Passive income is something that provides income and does not require your presence. You put in the work upfront, and then it goes on autopilot…with maintenance. Through passive income, you have the potential to build wealth without overworking yourself. You can’t make it by this idea of saving alone.

There aren’t many people who are succeeding in saving alone. Many are investing without realizing it by putting money in some 401k/IRA. However, you can’t touch that money without a penalty (before a certain age), and it requires you to work more years than you probably would like to. Please do not get this misconstrued; I think you should put into your retirement, but stop using these vehicles without a strategy. You do not know what you don’t know. Please do some research on it.

Many of the millionaires I know have multiple passive income forms and don’t work too hard for their money. Yes, it is essential to save, and yes, it is vital to pay off debt, but with a plan. The strategy is everything. You can/should have investments going simultaneously. If possible, use your investment and your savings as a vehicle to pay off/down your debt.

You may be asking yourself how to get started. It all starts with research, getting a financial advisor/plan, starting small, and then building from there. Nothing happens overnight, but the sooner you start, the better. Second, figure out how to bring in more income, i.e., get a 2nd job, start a business, or invest beyond that 401k.

If you still need help, book a consultation call with me here. We can create a plan together, no matter where you are currently. Let’s create wealth together!

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