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My Circle is My Business....

I think people seriously underestimate the power of relationships. Having solid relationships are imperative in your personal AND business life.

Today, I want to focus more on the business relationship!

Relationship building in business is intentionally placing yourself around those individuals who are doing what you desire and where you can ALSO add value.

It should be authentic, but still strategic. Have you heard the saying, “You are the five people you surround yourself with?” Well, in my opinion, there’s a lot of truth to that…but it’s not limited to five. If you want more, surround yourself with people who are doing more, especially in the areas you want to grow.

You’re not supposed to go into business with everyone you meet or even talk to them in detail about your business. Everyone isn’t and shouldn’t be a good fit.

In my experience, relationships happen authentically. You have to develop relationships with people and don’t focus on the business side. I don’t just say “Ohhh, I need to start a business with such and such.” I let my experience with them lead me there. I genuinely develop a relationship… and then go from there.

I don’t look at people as “business partners.” If you meet someone randomly and the energy is good, you quickly realize that you guys can add value to each other, follow up with them via phone or coffee. Talk more. Rinse, repeat.

I stress the importance of these relationships being authentic because I don’t think you should place yourself around people to get ahead when there is disdain for each other. It’s exhausting to fake fondness and it isn’t worth the effort. The goal is to be successful…and happy! If you have to fake it to fit in, move on!

Build a foundation with people you GENUINELY like, align with, and can see yourself around…long-term. To do your best, you have to be right mentally, and the wrong relationship or network can alter and harm your mindset.

My advice is to always build relationships with GOOD CHARACTER PEOPLE who are driven, giving, ambitious, use money as a tool, confident, like-minded, and have an overall positive attitude in and outside of business. Oh, and don’t forget to also be that person.

You should be looking to gain knowledge, resources and experiences and be willing to give a lot of knowledge in return. Do not use people! I often buy the products of my partners or even book a call to speak with them so they can see that I’m serious about building, willing to invest in myself and also respect their time and craft. From there, I know that I will add value and let the relationship go from there.

It’s all about reciprocation!

People who are doing well and have a great mindset will typically want to help those who want to help themselves. However, those people typically don’t have a ton of time. Find a way to add value to them and you will gain more.

The level of value added may be different, but make sure that what you are adding to the relationship actually has value. I can’t stress how important it is to pour into others often and not just take. The way each of you pour may be different, but the relationship should be mutually beneficial. That is the way you grow and sustain the relationship.

The relationships I’ve developed MADE my business, literally. You can’t possibly know everything and/or everyone. If you are a person who knows your stuff and do right by people, your clients, friends, and business partners will tell others. Word of mouth is HUGE. People do business with people they like, know and trust!

IF you are that person, developing relationships will be easy and the opportunities will come.

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