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The Hardest Part is Getting Started

We all get to a place where we want to take that next step to obtain financial excellence. For me, it was my transition from corporate America to entrepreneurship (my book has now been released and can be purchased at presale on We all get to a place where we want to take that next step to obtain financial excellence. The biggest thing for me was getting to the mindset of leaping.

I had to prepare myself mentally, and I started developing some tough skin because the journey is a rollercoaster. You have to be ready! What helped me build that skin was the efforts I put forth before taking that first step.

First, I spoke to many people in the industry, did a ton of research, PLANNED how I would do it, and prepared financially. Then, I mentally prepared for mishaps and setbacks. I didn't expect to profit for 6-12 months, so I wanted to make sure I would be OK financially....then I JUMPED!

After I jumped, I lived with the feeling that I always needed to do more. That is what you call eustress. It is the stress that causes you to push harder, thrive, and execute effectively. My mindset was,


Let me give you some advice.

First, do it scared! Truthfully, we all have some level of fear/anxiety when we go after a goal. I think the difference is the action we take to reach that goal. Some people do it scared, and some let the fear cripple them. Along with this, I've learned that with consistent action and practice, your level of fear/anxiety reduces, but it doesn't just go away (at least not for me).

Second, before you jump, before you market, before you sell, you need to have:

1. Knowledge

2. A plan

3. A good product/service

4. Tough skin

Third, many people ask if they should consider a business or additional income source when they have debt. I think it's vital for you to get started when your debt is significant, but I think your methodology may be different. If you have a lot of debt, it's probably necessary for you to increase your income and reduce your expenses, if possible. Work your 9-5 then build your business/strategy from 6-10!

Fourth, get started with the mindset that business relationships will come! Building with like-minded partners can take you to a higher level (see blog My Circle is My Business). If you hone your skills and be stable in your foundation, strategy, and business values, people will automatically want to work with you.

So jump, knowing that you have the mindset and are prepared to do well.

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