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I’m at the closing table often, but this one was different.

Usually, I’m buying an asset to hand over to someone else in exchange for cash flow, possibly equity and increasing my net worth. Then, rinse and repeat.

My plan has always been to leave my (future) children with assets, not debt and liabilities, so I’m intentionally planning for it. I’ve honestly always have. This methodology became important to me based on things and people I was exposed to over the course of my life. Many people have heard me say, “take the meat and leave the bones.” I live by this! You can learn something from everyone you encounter, whether you are learning what to do...or hell, what not to do.

This makes me think about my friend/bro Lawrence.

Years ago, we were having a conversation regarding real estate and building wealth and he told me his tenants lived better than he does. Mannn, at the time, we were young, so that message hit differently! It was PURE motivation. That subconsciously became my a nice, yet low key life, buy as many assets as I can (strategically of course), and let my assets work for me.

Honestly, who actually wants to work hard in real life? No one and certainly not me, so I work to own/control assets that make money for me!

I’ve built a solid foundation of assets (and I’m still building), but this time, I realize, I not only purchased a property that I view as a solid investment (even though it is still one hell of an investment), but I will truly be enjoying this beautiful home and not passing it to someone else, this time, to make money for me.

Like, who said you can’t have it all?!?

I want everyone to get this message! I’ve noticed that everyone doesn’t have the luxury of access as others. My goal is to expose as many people as possible to different wealth strategies that continue to work for me. I want to NORMALIZE ownership for people at any level. I want to NORMALIZE people sharing (some) of their journey, whether opening or privately, to help others along the way because there is truly power in exposure. I want to NORMALIZE the real, hard work people put in to get to where they want to be in life. It’s OK to want better, it’s OK to want bigger...but it’s not OK to not work for it.

In hopes of helping as many people as possible, not only be exposed to more, but to learn strategies to attain it, I have drastically reduced the prices of my eBooks (grab them NOW). I can’t make you work for it or promise you any results, but I can expose you to the journey, my journey. This is to help anyone gain access to this knowledge.

I wish you all good health, love, happiness, wealth and OWNERSHIP

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