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LaQuita T. Scott is an investor, serial entrepreneur, and financial coach. She has a strong passion to help educate others while, maneuvering within the market to create income opportunities for herself and others. Since childhood, she has always been curious about EVERYTHING. She participated in cheerleading, basketball, band, civil/community organizations, while working and achieving academic success.  Her intellect, creativity, drive, unique perspective, coupled with a passion for helping others laid the foundation for her becoming a multifaceted entrepreneur.

Execution Is

My Favorite Strategy

My mother is a visionary, the original queen of leveraging credit and effectively managing money. Those traits were definitely passed on to me. From an early age, I was always interested in making money and saving. You can easily say I was a money hoarder. By the age of five, I had saved $50 by keeping money in my sock drawer. By 16, I had saved my first $10,000 and bought a brand new car. By the age of 17, I started college and paid my first car off. Those early years were the building blocks that led me to the strategist I am today. Now, I live by the philosophy “there’s power in exposure” and my purpose, under the umbrella of finance, is to expose clients to the knowledge I’ve gathered from investing, strategizing, building businesses, and my years of financial coaching.



What We Offer

Real Estate

Whether you're looking to Buy, Sell or Invest, LaQuita T. Scott has the answer to all your real estate needs.

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LTS Academy

LTS Academy was developed with the sole purpose of exposing others to wealth strategies in a way that's digestible.




LTS Academy was developed with the sole purpose of exposing others to wealth strategies in a way that's digestible. LaQuita Scott has a variety of e-Books, workbooks, and cheat sheets that would put anyone on the right path to building for their financial future. With a range of topics from budgeting to building business credit, the LTS Academy content will teach, inspire you to get started, and put you on the right path to creating financial freedom.



What Our Clients Says

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Michael A.

You're AMAZING, definitely a game changer! I thought I saw it clearly how to go about my personal credit and wanted to double check but now I know with CONFIDENCE what is needed. Plus you definitely gave me a few pointers that I never thought about until now. I will check back in with you in a couple months! Thank you so much!!! #leveragecredit #goodcredit 

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Sherri R.

Wow! What an amazing strategy call with Ms. LaQuita Scott! She took the time to really hear me out to understand my financial goals and explained all of my options. I was given a wealth of information that will help propel me into the future. All of my questions were answered in full details. She is very knowledgeable and a true expert with all things concerning investments, credit and real estate. Words can't explain how grateful I am to have connected with someone who is motivated and passionate about what they do. I am now prepared and ready to execute!

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902 W Lumsden Rd, Brandon, FL 33511

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